Friday, April 25, 2008

Negative Revelers

It’s my superstitious ability to
wander around
wondering about my capability
in this desolate town.

My eyes never lie
and my soul will never reveal the truth.

You stared into my essence,
tried to penetrate my psyche which
you feel lacks life
or any kind of meaning whatsoever.

It is this inner being that has ripened into
multiple truths and falsehoods that
gnaw at my guts and put pressure on my sweat glands.
Requiring me to hide in the darkest corner
with the stink bugs
and spiders.

Though this is how it is for me,
we should not base life on one that is disoriented
or that has been torn, shredded and discarded

before being tossed into society’s
ever full recycling bin.


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