Friday, May 01, 2009

Another Self-Righteous Artist

Jeanie was an artist from Outer Space.

She woke up everyday to sculpt, paint,
play the cello, tell stories.
Her other worldly creations filled public land,
the homes of prominent earthlings.

Her work was published; performances were given.
Interviews were televised, picked up on the radio.
Scholars studied and taught her.
Others thought she was a fake.

At night, underneath western skies,
she took orders from Protoplast,
a planetary archetype looking to expand.
She was a secret agent of sorts.

Up above, the universe was at war.
Prototypical simulacrums advance towards
the Milky Way. Sent to destroy the Human Race,
the clones of Protoplast feel like stepchildren.

Jeanie hated all that wasn’t Earthly.
She broke all of the cosmic windows and
covered them with extraterrestrial lies,
plastered over black holes.

The day before both sides destroyed her,
she gave the world her greatest creation.

The end of it.


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