Friday, January 21, 2011

Freudianesque Facial Hair

A subterranean mile long beard spoke
of an armchair TV dinner vision
as the banks of heartland rivers break free

Smiley face erections kill jobs daily
Bleeding, crying god left the craps scene
Asian nipple pump no longer in fad

Talk about the left, talk about the right
Talk about the lonely middle at night

Crash the after parties, one car a time
Survival training and home brew making
Vineyard vines can work as dead man gallows

Stained glass stereo windows rolled up quick
A black and white photo memory mist
A strangled inspiration prototype

Where is the rock n’ roll girl this morning
Where is the rock n’ roll girl soul crying

Wolf pack runs the gardens of Spanish life
Stampeding bulls and drunk integrity
Blind feet lead over the railroad track dreams

The one with the scariest monster wins
Altitude salsa bowls hold our secrets
Bulldozed skeletons created man’s sin

Saxophone love melodies rattle bones
Saxophone love melodies damage deep

Teachers with political licenses
Wanderers discussing alien paths
Celestial spirit heads part a red sea

Whole generations checking out, give up


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