Friday, March 25, 2011

Squirrel Bravery

A Midwestern summer’s night
leaves so much to yearn for.
Humidity falsely governs wheat,
soy beans, and corn fields.

A pleasing thought tonight rests
solely on the fact that there is
a small black cage hanging
from my crab apple tree.

The cage is home to mutton cakes.

Small birds feed on a mix of
sunflower seeds, black thistle,
blueberries and cream cheese.

Sparrows and the like drop and
spit out what they don’t like for
mice and chipmunks

It is the presence of the easily
obtainable that distracts necessity.

Squirrels will climb for the cage.
They will even threaten hungry birds.

Next year grease will coat poles and
whatnot to eliminate squirrel bravery.

The a.m. transistor warned of
a marmot intrusion by way of
Chicago. Possibly through bullpens
and Indian burial mounds,
down Lakeshore Drive.

Burning of grass and freezing of
the fountain in Grant Park was
executed in order to control
the new varmint movement.


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