Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Politics Isn’t Always a Game of Poker-faced Halfwits and Liars

Machiavelli passage, a time and a place
for men to be good or not to be good.
A prince must have the knowledge of
being able to know the difference of
appearance and action.

He should be loved and feared in order
to rule more effectively. He must remember
that many people are not good. They will
need to be dealt with quickly, maintaining

the image of goodness amongst the people.
Appear more sympathetic than merciless.
The governed tends to respect those who they
believe is more willing to nurture than punish.

Deception to maintain the kingdom.

Keep the governed happy and content, but also
keep those (who may wish to do harm) under
the impression that one wouldn’t hesitate to
destroy those that are against the kingdom.

Certain actions maybe necessary to keep the
citizens fearful and thankful simultaneously.

Tax money shouldn’t be wasted on unused bombs.


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