Wednesday, August 09, 2006

An After Party

We were having a get together of sorts with past friends
(good-times, good-times).
Now I’m driving back.

Matured through the third shift but it has setbacks. It’s a cold night.
Sleet, hail, and rain forced upon us by powers and controllers who have yet to be recognized fully (or at least unmasked to me).

Bred upon social fears, ideologies, iconic rhapsodies, and set apart by tragic mishappenings.

Holy appeal has been diluted by the smallest amount of muck and peat moss.

I’ve happened to wander down to the wrong side of town to see where the action is,
what kinds of people are living in a virtual animalistic state festering in the bones that will soon be buried by death’s dog.

Go through one cross street. Stop at the next. Then begin the shortcut home.


Blogger david dodd lee said...

Hey, dude, I really dig this, "The After Party." The mysterious leaps seemingly in logic that make total sense. It's really something.

2:48 PM  

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