Friday, May 25, 2007



I have four nipples.
She has one working eye.

I met her in a downtown bar.
I had come from my uncle’s wedding.
She had come from Chicago,
by way of Lafayette, Indiana

She said that she wanted to
kiss me.
We left the metal barstools;
went out the back door,
to the dumpsters
in the alley,
behind the bar.

Our lips collapsed
on each other’s like
tulips folding in the
Midwestern night.

I brought her beautiful face
closer to my own,
my hands steady,

She has the perfume of Tequila.

Her sight floats me
to tranquility.

She tastes like heaven.

She gives me a comfort
like reaching the water’s surface
before dying,
laying on a patch of grass
smoking cigarettes.

She told me to pick her up.
I did. She wrapped

her legs around my waist.

My left hand braced the middle of
her shoulder blades.
Held her amorously, secure.
Reaching under her right arm,
My right hand touched
the left side of her face. The kisses
left us wondering more.

The bar’s owner walked out,
my neck noosed by her arms,
put a bag of bottles in the dumpster and
told us to have

a great night.


At a gas station
we bought cigarettes.
A man with disheveled hair asked
for change,
a map to the cherry-eyed devils
who are waiting,
for new deaths.

We could provide neither.

I grabbed her hand and we ran
across the parking lot,
jumped the parking blocks.
It felt like we had robbed everyone’s
desires, their innocent adolescent hopscotch.

In my jeep she dictated the music.
I took a right on Plaid Avenue, down the small incline.
A sharp right at 45mph, up the hill that borders Loony Lane,
lead us to a through street. The one the lead to
my front door. Shoes and pasts were kicked to the floor.


We sponged off each other for almost
three lazy days. Our arms,
legs arrested each other.

We were attached,
human leeches,
fed off each other’s craze.

We did have that
great night that
the bar owner told us to have, but the

real greatness was the additional two days she stayed.


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Good work, man, keep it up.

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