Monday, August 27, 2007



Scorching steam
let’s known a disconnection notice
has fallen from the comforts of bed.
The way the day slips past like

fishing boats caught in the wake of speed cruisers,
a plane falling from the skyline.

Get up slowly.
Try like a ninja’s stealth to make it somewhere without
the sleepers bumping into you. A tumble through
the mistakes and misgivings shot your questions to the face of
a conical coffin.

It appears to cry, Welcome!

Your heart beats rapidly like a parakeet’s
as it dies, sportingly, under
the cat’s paw.


On the job, it’s no better.
You know the deal. Understand how
it all works.

The questions never repeated.

Not everyone’s together, a virus
bred with incomplete genes.

Withered balloons
stricken with content. Fluxion from being to machine
was inputted at the front door.

Not robotic, but

Abiotic dynamics struggle for internal wealth.
The fiery afterglow of satisfaction that
keeps the human spirit resuscitated,
just long enough,
can brave out anticipation until

all is confirmed lost.


Blogger nfujimoto said...

Your poems are like spinach—good for my heart

8:37 AM  

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