Thursday, November 03, 2011



Caught between here and there,
the place where shepherds dream
of a dry New Orleans, where
paper dolls inject rubber cement.

Noises rape the void of sound like
loud cars with severed mufflers.
Confused screams chaperon
the death of a calm outside through
a viewless motel window.

Terrorized by the promise of hanging
from the eighth story’s balcony
as fire dances in the adjoining room.

Torturous lullabies haunt the relaxation
of weary travelers.

The world’s largest ball of twine
will sleep through the night.


Dead clouds disguise the sun’s depression.

Waves of snow collapse with every
whip of wind that chaps the soul.

Winter has declared anarchy in the USA.

Moose, pierced septums, reek of dung.
Lassoed in Wyoming, by way of Oregon,
they herded their young while
trampling the old and weak.

Few escaped the rancher’s rope, even
less eluded the technological strengths

stunning the strongest of bulls.


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