Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Tough Decisions for Central Coast Living

While cops were drinking beers and eating
sandwiches at Pescadero State Beach
you swayed at a wave’s speed, but never
quite able to achieve that crashing effect.

At the Henry Miller Museum there was
a small bonfire and coffee for a donation.
Motorcycles and RVs could have been
driven off Big Sur’s cliffs without notice

as that lost look in your condor eyes grew
hungry for something unfulfilling, something
that may appear near the end of the word,
something that failed to linger Cannery Row.

The stink of Monterey sea lions and salty
wood, the disgust of scammers and pushers,
the warmth of living fog from sea to mountains
all fought inside of you, trying to get out of

an migrant child’s last school year breath.


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