Wednesday, November 30, 2011

May 13th – 19th

Its five days before, one of,
my best friend’s wedding.
I have to pick up the tux
on this black Thursday.
While I’m there I also
Have to return a defective
button-up shit. The scar of
an iron defaces the left cuff.

On these random years, such
occurrences happen.

A wild crowd riots in
Jacksonville, Florida when
Elvis Presley said,
“Girls, I’ll see you backstage.”
Insane spectators cause the
first such rampage ever
triggered at one of the King’s

Over fifty people, in
Washington, were cut, sliced
as fans fought the ground and
the walls with bottles. Shards
of glass leapt from beneath,
backflipped off cement
barricades. Points sharp.

The Jackson Five
played inside.

North of London
Keith Richards, of
the Rolling Stones, wrecked
his car. Drugs were found.
A fine levied later. He still
continues to party.

Andy Kaufman. Dead at thirty-five.

Los Angeles was the home of
Frank Sinatra’s death. Heart attack.
Age eighty-two.

Seinfeld signed off, too.

Neil Kelly got sunburned on
the whiffleball field. Wrote this.


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