Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Moving Up the Ladder

Bored, one day at work,
started scribbling down
random punk bands and
spray painting my desk.

I pulled one of the beers,
that I keep in the drawer
with the employee handbook,
out and shot gunned it.

However, it wasn’t enough.

I went into the sales’ office,
found their vodka & speed.
Wanted to sell ice to Eskimos,
acres on Uranus to the masses.

But I still needed much more.

Rummaged through the desks
of Admin and found downers,
Fuzzy Navels, Sangrias, wine
and copies of the Kamasutra.

I couldn’t take it, needed more.

Went into the boss’s office
where there was gin, scotch,
and golf clubs with grass and
blood cemented to their faces.

It took a lifetime to acquire that.


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