Friday, September 08, 2006

amateur dentist

For the first time in my whole life,
I witnessed two rabbits chasing
each other around.

This all took place in the backyard
of my neighbor.
The one cattycorner from me.

They immediately stopped when Conner left my house
and headed toward his car.

They stood motionless
as if they had been sculpted by natural observers
who pander to the fuzzy dandelion consumers

It is during the springtime that the temptations pop
and swell amongst the soiled moistness.

An afternoon nap on a homeless woman’s cot
that Viaduct Vinny had pissed and shit
upon last April Fool’s Day had set
this evening’s agenda.

It was these remote memories that separated my simple
existence from that of the complicated thinking man.

I guess my love of baseball doesn’t count.

Who says there’s no tooth fairy?
We witnessed a mandible snap in half after
back talk occurred.
The scream that followed the de-toothing
made me vomit and cry.

Everyone around can now be found
swallowing physical and emotional
These handle better than the black-market goods.

This lack of anguish makes me shed tears
that simply cannot manufacture courage
or satisfaction within the boundaries
of boredom.


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