Friday, September 08, 2006

A little white lie (The American Dream)

Caterpillar rain check
Butterfly barcode
Reaching out for possible
future dues that may be owed

Taking all of the time
at the fast-food restaurant
Calculating all of the values
of everyday inbred consumptions

Ran off the point today
and hurt my artificial knee
Postponed my doctor visit for
the eyes of the bolder

Patiently wasting away with a 22oz., a .22 caliber
and classic rock popping the background speakers
A blonde nurse-type whacked the shit out of her head
leaning back to swim in her poncho

Career counselors never steered my love of photography
toward the tornado chaser’s résumé
Awkward award winning chili
and beer thankfully flowing
at the annual family freak show reunion

At last, someone brought out the all-you-can-eat
vice-cart equipped especially with platinum lined
sneeze security guard
Never mind, I’ll take the to-go sack
in the backseat

I’ve learned to love my counter-productive
relay race traits
They rounded third without the
ball even ever being thrown

Clickity-clacked my way down dugout steps
Past the sunflower shells drenched with saliva
and dusting cocoons that associates with
jock itch


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