Monday, November 07, 2011

Punched Out: Finally a Vacation

A glare caught the bounce of the sun;
ecstasy projected into unexpecting eyes.

Masses sundered from existence.
Their 9 to 5 mass transit revelations
began to wear thin.

Unknowns stumble over the dead,

young and old, stretched out, rotting,
in a solar downfall. god must’ve realized
that they weren’t useful.

A cornucopia of wasted wealth hidden
under a floor of some secure building.

One can see the possible improvements.
Sweep up the freak show remnants.

Barricade bars secure the park’s entrances.
Views of a filthy river never took the time

to watch a plain storm migrate.

As backs were turned makeshift landscapes
and saved blueprints on the hard drive of
a simulated reality

never kept the generational promise.


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