Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Stuff

My neighbor had put out a pile of “Free Stuff.”
His hand-painted sign informed every passerby
about this magnificent collection of cupboards,

shelving units (wood and metal) and a tricycle.

However, he told me that only one item was
allowed per person and that the experience
would add to the new owner’s exciting score.
He handed me a beer and asked me to stay,

drink beers, make sure people adhere to the rule.

The first person was a man in his mid-forties.
He drove by, stopped, reversed to park, killed
the ignition and exited his  90’s Toyota Corolla.
The man took it all in, looked back at his car,

scratched his head and rubbed his patchy chin.

“Howdy, would you be interested in holding
all of this for me until my buddy can get here
with his truck? I can call him now at take all
of this off your hands. Just can’t fit it...” My

neighbor cut him off, explained the stipulation.

The man grabbed a metal shelf that stands above
a toilet. He loaded it into the backseat of his car
and honked his horn as he drove away. A truck
pulled up next. A woman hopped out, asked for

a beer and help loading her truck with two shelves.

My neighbor told her only one item per person.
The woman screamed about communism, devils.
She peeled out as she took off leaving the ghosts
of demons crawling after her speeding truck.


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