Friday, September 08, 2006

leveling the playing field

Superior people modestly journeyed thousands of grueling miles
carrying the ability to never catch up to an oppressive
governmental regime
All the while remembering that no matter which diamonds were better
no matter where they were
no matter which of the methods they chose
there were only three jobs available to them

There was birth
There was pain
And there was death

The fourth one,
was never obtained

Through their beauty, nonsense,
and their matter-of-factness
to hate the shameful
and less learned
they triumphantly thought out semesters
of simple pleasures
never finding the meanings of the graphs
or contracts that they had constructed
throughout the waiting for the death period

Sliced up family and friends with self-sacrificing
swords, sabers, and daggers
during this age of the supercilious,
condescending, and patronizing
dimensions of mankind

These monkey masks will thin out
as the men and women will one day accidentally tinker
with the wheels of misfortune
and the gears within
to solve these games
that we can not win


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