Friday, September 08, 2006


Concentrating on the hippopotamus’ instinctual sexual bondage predatory habits
allows for the lesser of men to reflect on their own stimulation.
Patience to the original chaos order taker as her line continues to back up far past the emergency line where costumer service ran out of numbers.
Organic diamond mine chutes flow with the blood of the beaten and raped all the while cutting and keeping products at all time lows.
Revolutionary pesticides cleared the entire allergy causing foliage
and savage wildlife that been clogging up the Garden of Eden.

Television static sweeps week multiply positive accrued necessary promotion points. What happened to Mailer?
Where are our voices of individuality, originality
and common sense?

Carelessly cautious and misunderstood we’re praying for the savior to hold our hands while hop-scotching down the Stations of the Cross.
Whimsical fantasies corralled by a soft strike from the back of an aging gentleman’s transparent left hand stopped us in our repetitious tracks.
Pressurized testosterone injections fulfilled the ability to carry out the euthanasia experimental techniques once mastered and taught by fleeing weathermen.
It will be at this Fourth of July picnic mass market parasite parade that the truest of colors will illuminate our minds and disjointed souls to point that is laughable.

The radio waves bounce back and forth off brick and cement walls
tantalizing our inhibitions all the while cutting back nature’s edges.
We’ve heard their call letters over and over again.
They’ve done their best to inundate us one by one.

Peg legged leadership whittled away by treacherous termites gnawing away at our once semi-stable programmed condition.

I’ve started a pirate, H.A.M. mobile station for tragic broadcasts looped with undertones
of faint static and high decimals that loosen tie knots.
I will most definitely be beaten and incarcerated like a tasty KFC chicken.

Ripped out pockets do not permit idle hands, but
also does not allow storage of trivial possessions.
It is these foreign made trinkets that sink floating economic
scenarios and welcome poster boy Wall St. cheap crap peddlers.
Their degrees were in the field of Simian Naiveté.


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