Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Animated Consciousness

An inside-out sensation watches me from within.

I feel like a Robert Crumb characterization or the
calm normalcy of one’s reflection in a cracked mirror.

Time goes around a coo-coo clock.

A grandfather-type piece; the thickness of dust,
a coating that would make a chinchilla envious.

The threats hang over thoughts as the corn ruptures
the soil, stabbing at the sun, the fireball of life.
Creating, scorching and prematurely aging the soul.

I need some mental sunscreen.
Blockage of padded silence
beating down like alien ray
beams probing noise.

The outside has now gone into the inside.

Like the girls of your insane dreams buzzing with
the humming birds, cast off far from shore, the wind
pushing all of them over the edges of their nests.


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