Monday, November 07, 2011


Slept in the drunk-tank, just another cheap motel.

135mph in the car pool lane, alone. Playing
chicken with school buses, passing in the bike lane.

401k plans smudge glass ceilings.
Cattle farms sell their manure to the rich.
Recycled syringes pay the rent this month.

Stopped at a check point for not wearing a belt.
Suspenders won’t be permitted by the board.
Paint-thinner aromatherapy sessions
sold at the bed and breakfast on Sundays.
Coughed in a mahogany coffin afterwards.

In cat’s pajamas, howling at the moon, fixated on
the world’s revolutions paroled stalker’s bronzed
binoculars and sugarbabies work the streets, ya dig?

You’ve been instrumental in our search.
Bird legs thrive in the cloudy fishbowl.
Cocks-comb standing upright at dawn.
Heartbeats sent out as secret Morse code.
There will be no disappointment this time.

Bongos and horns at an autumn bonfire tomorrow.
Mesquite flavored mescaline passed out for free.
Fermented agave juice thunderclouds roll in.
Freon pumped through veins in the summer last.
Nothing matters in an anti-galaxy.

Noachian issues still penetrate ears in the town hall.
Please veto the Kick-in-the-Pants Treaty.
The doctrine to choose your own adventures.
Lyrical karaoke quoted in the school yards.

Reshape a tear for the sad clown sitting on the world.


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