Friday, September 08, 2006

Lone Wolf

Runaway as fast as you can and look for cover,
stake your claim, squat for your homestead.
Be careful of swindlers, thieves,
and those you confide in.
Cameras, binocular lookout towers,
and rifles all focusing on your head.

We’re warning you now during hypocrisy and warfare.
Mass transit communal fledglings can’t urinate in public.
Allow them to sit upon your lap, but only if you dare
separate outhouses for the slow country hick.

Frozen pipes have stopped dish washing
and showers’ cleanliness
swirled down during the final toilet flush.
An early angry death killed the mosquitoes
and flowers.
We now lay silent and shocked
amongst the dirt and brush.

Now only my shadow understands me
and my kung fu thoughts.
It leaves me at night to join up with my chemical shakes.
Drought seized moisture and swallowed distraction’s overwhelming
thirst out west;
stolen from the Great Lakes.

A dishonorable discharge terminated benefits
and ruptured innocently gratuitous blindness.
Shell-shocked, disoriented,
and in disbelief
I finger faded pictures, bullet holes,
and shrapnel remnants.
Wheelchair ramps and prescribed pills
provide momentary relief.

Sonic-boom desert test site control realized.
Pistol popping spent cartridge afterthoughts
scooped up by saran wrap straight jacket mind control processors.

“Never surrender, never quit!” the lone wolf shouts.


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