Monday, September 21, 2009

To the Greed Heads

This woman that I know flourishes from
nightfall to daybreak. Continuous hours
of coincidental good fortune and sound
expert advice keeps the first-class sparkle
and charitable events at a premium. She
knows all of the “right” people, keeps an
accurate tally of the score. Nothing gets
by her. Not even the wilds of

a western wind. It is this advantage over
others that feeds her addictions. She injects
success, bumps lines of attitude, rapes fear,
sodomizes tradition without consent. She
continues to dominate through years of
glamorous existence and a behavior befitting
of a child raised by children or actions that
make even the most venomous black
mamba recoil from it’s arboreal grip.
Those who continually find themselves
getting in her way crawl and plea for mercy.
She rages on a cresting ocean wave of
omitted souls, as the hands of blue faced
babies slit disrespectful throats.

She has a very unique way about her.
Six sociologists tried to study her, for
academic purposes. None were published
again. I remember hearing about this
business deal that needed her approval in-
order to go through. It involved hundreds
of thousands of dollars for a documentary
about thirteen Austrian businesspeople,

men and women, that ascend to Colorado
for their claim of the many Rocky Mountain
opportunities to be had. This woman won’t
just sell anything out. She’s not into “that”
kind of Capitalism.