Thursday, October 01, 2009


Her plane arrived from overseas,
the windows reflecting the sun’s fear,
he was anxious, nervous, beat.
His body covered completely in sweat.

The tarmac was a painting of a bad dream,
silence where there was nothing to hear.
The ground seemed to shudder and break.
Even idle engines could make one deaf.

Did evil clouds mask the thoughts in her head
as she loomed towards him? Hell yeah.
Years of deception had killed his youthful zeal.
They were cliché, but they were definitely real.

Her touch caused panic like a shotgun to a bear.
Her kiss left burns of fire with hypnotic gleam.
Her voice made fallen angels lie and steal.
Her breath eradicated flowers and left them in a heap.

They left the airport to find a place to retreat.
There was audible moaning rising through a steam.
Sounds that could be the future death of Joan Baez
or keys unlocking an archer’s leather sheaf.

At the corner of Washington and South Peak,
the loudest place to hide a single scream,
the wind assaults a brittle brown leaf.
They get a room where she will become a freak.

Like a savage, deranged bitch in a heat,
rabid fangs sank deep and unclean,
she was sexual until he was dead.
The body devoured raw, a bloody steak.