Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Go get your whiskey
tavern regular barfly
Step outside to smoke

Breathing and fucking
are natural processions
Naked on fall leaves

Early morning time
butterfly dewdrop love song
Shotgun blast kaboom

Country stray dog mutt
paces stressfully in line
Oak tree shade keeps sane

Monday, March 28, 2011

Caught Daydreaming

Sitting alone, at my
workstation, I began
to ponder the difficulties
of making a submarine
out of a whale.

Duct tape, a boat motor
and plastic wrap, of some
kind, will be needed.

I’d figured out how to do it
in about thirty minutes. I also
knew where to round up
the necessary materials.

Hell, most of them were
readily available in
my neighbor’s garage.

The only problem was
locating a large enough
whale for myself,
a small crew and still
have room for essential
equipment and supplies.

The nearest live whale was
one thousand miles away and
probably heavily guarded by
minimally paid and trained

people with bored guns.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Squirrel Bravery

A Midwestern summer’s night
leaves so much to yearn for.
Humidity falsely governs wheat,
soy beans, and corn fields.

A pleasing thought tonight rests
solely on the fact that there is
a small black cage hanging
from my crab apple tree.

The cage is home to mutton cakes.

Small birds feed on a mix of
sunflower seeds, black thistle,
blueberries and cream cheese.

Sparrows and the like drop and
spit out what they don’t like for
mice and chipmunks

It is the presence of the easily
obtainable that distracts necessity.

Squirrels will climb for the cage.
They will even threaten hungry birds.

Next year grease will coat poles and
whatnot to eliminate squirrel bravery.

The a.m. transistor warned of
a marmot intrusion by way of
Chicago. Possibly through bullpens
and Indian burial mounds,
down Lakeshore Drive.

Burning of grass and freezing of
the fountain in Grant Park was
executed in order to control
the new varmint movement.

Friday, March 04, 2011


I have a poem in the new MiPOesias. Here is the link to the online feature.


Thursday, March 03, 2011

Church Postcards

The black ice wind scrapes
across a tar patched sky.
Like an old, tired native,
it weeps at the view of
physical dissemination.

From the depleted East
the elements pillaged
conviction all the way to
the evening’s crashing sun.

The valley vibrates when
creatures clamber over
mountains, into cathedrals.

Reminders of hope abide upright,

a Vegas neon crucifix beacon
to guide us all.

To others, the illumination could
have been the star of Bethlehem or
an orchestra of hyenas
honing their skills on the meek.

Sets of rules bleed into open fields,
blossoms of childish purity refuse
to open.

Mother Nature’s ghost glides like
wished upon dandelion clocks that
jettison toward a daylight moon.

Her apparition whispers
a soft yawn in your ear.
The meaning is unpredicted
and surreal like
a teenager whose teacher
went to school with you.

The portcullis is closed, the drawbridge
raised while crocodiles and piranhas
wallow in an autumn eclipse.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Polaroid Parade

Kids marching in costume,
open-eyed on a candy high

A circular saw
in the background

Marshmallow firecrackers,
foaming beer bottles, and

pots left boiling form the mind

City trees and country trees
burn as Halloween claws
at a November night