Friday, September 08, 2006

thankfully it’s the end of winter

I’ve got pleasant window blockage in my second floor writing room.
The view from the two larger south facing windows is thwarted by a tree
with purple flowers. The bumblebees seem to find them irresistible.
It’s a peculiar tree that has a dead tree in the middle of it.
It appears to have told the weaker tree, “Fuck you, old timer!”
I’ll occasionally, while drinking, try to jump up and seize the
dead limbs that are rotten and snap easily as I break off pieces
of itself spontaneously.

It also sprouts an almost fluorescent green spade-shaped leaf.
Through these leaves I watch the Ella Fitzgerald of Cardinals
sing that distinct song of hers.
This bird wails. It is either really horny or it is telling the
other flying dinosaur ancestors that the wild bird seed
I put out is clear of sparrows which, I think, have to be considered
the “little bastards” in the bird world.

Well, the smaller window that faces north allows
me to stare at two giant oak trees or maybe they’re maples.
I think one day some dad should build a massive
tree fort for his kids. It’d be fully equipped with a rope ladder
and sniper tower.
It would sit in-between the trees for maximum support
and defensive purposes, of course.

Even though the massive trees do obstruct most of the panorama of my backyard,
I still have been permitted some sightseeing ventures.
I witnessed a opossum
and a couple of cat families living harmoniously
in my garage, that gets no use.
I’m not sure how they managed that, but maybe it’s a precursor
of future arriving concepts
and ways of life.

Yeah right, the cats probably killed the opossum, but were then
infected with rabies from the filthy thing. Regardless,
it is good to have summertime privacy
even though it is technically still springtime.

Oh well, I definitely think that these arboreal blockades
will not only benefit me by way of natural cooling
and privacy, but also as my own peephole
into Mother Nature’s lovely savage brutality.


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