Friday, September 08, 2006

Scotch vs. Droids

It’s April 28th and I’ve just gotten my
first “real” education in the intricacies of scotch.

I was given four different kinds:
Four-year old
Eight-year old
Twelve-year old
Sixteen-year old

Wait, or was it a ten-year old
and/or an eighteen-year old?

Oh yeah, I also received
two, free, twenty-five year old shots.

It kicked my ass.
Good times courtesy of the bartender.
A new hangout.

I’m leaving the bathroom.
I just got done pissing on a
urinal mint.

The lights in this place remind of the heads of
some kind of droid in a Star Wars film.
Yeah, “roger, roger; roger, roger” type robots

Kinda weird


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